In Solidarity with the gilet jaunes – Declaration from the Internationalist Commune of Rojava

To the gilet jaunes (yellow jackets), to those who demonstrate, who are on the barricades and are blocking the streets, who squat their schools, who are on strike and who organize themselves. We greet you as the Internationalist Commune from Rojava, the eastern part of Kurdistan, in the north of Syria.

Since more than a month we are following with attention the peoples revolt that takes place in France (and other cities in Middle Europe). We are impressed, by the determination of the demonstrators, as well as by the level of the repression from police and state. We send our solidarity to everyone who is …. doing the right. Because of you, your resistance is popular until here, where everyone hopes for bright changings, in the time where here we are threaten with a new war of the turkish state.

France has a long history of resistance and civil uprisings, taht we should not reduce just to the french revolution and the mai of 68. The history of resistance includes also the rural revolts of the middle age, all the local, regional and independent resistances against the colonization of the state, the labour movements, the fights of the immigrant workers, the proletarian districts, the millenniums of the fight of the woman against the patriarchal system.

The commune of Paris, who is an example that it can be possible to take the power by the people and is a main inspiration for revolutionaries in the whole world. In this sense, the call of Commercy, that we have related as well, has been a source of hope and a sign that the movement can bring to that « thing that is very important, that the movement of the gilets jaunes reclaims everywhere his diverse forms, further than purchasing power ! » to that « power to the people, from the people, to the people. »

It is this, what is experimented in this moment here in rojava, where the different people organize themselves without national state from the base of democratic communal assemblies in the sense of a system called confederal democracy.

Of course, reorganizing a society without state is not a easy thing. Of course it needs time investments and education, but it also give us the most intense joy.

We have to find a way to live free and more as a society. Thousand of people remember the passed days on the squares, the highways, the streets, the blocked schools, and the most important and significant moments. The children will talk of it for months. Why ? Because in this gatherings it is the society that arises .The people who (re)discover what it means tho live in a communal way.

For achieve a communal life, it is necessary more than ever to forget the myth of the national state, which represents a false republican unity. We have to take down the borders that separate us and as wel find the capiticity to reclaim the multiples and imigrant ifentitys, to revive our culutres, and « regionalisized » langages. And als woman we have to take back what has been token anay from us, make hears our voices and take place in all the olaces in society.

We have to build up an other economic system, socialistm controlled and comming from by the people, on a base of cooprtatuc production, selfsufficiant and ecologal, free of exploitaion of nature by humans.
In the end, as youth, with the spirit of resitance, we have to become a motor in a mouvement that will not acept any compromise.

The whole world has understand that « winning » this mouvement is not to win the false rising of the SMIC, neither the bethering of the purchasing power To win means, to overcome the stage of revendication and to begin, build on the existting alternativ structures to build up an other system of selfgouvernement. To win means facing contradictions. To try, to fail, to try again. To never loose the hope that we can emancipate gtom the state and the existing opressing structures, that we can live free.

Solidarity with the gilets jaunes ans all those who resist in france and everywhere else in the world.
Down with the turkish fasicm.
Bijî Berxwedana Frane! Bijî berxwedana Rojava !
Bijî Rêber Apo !
Jin Jiyan Azadî !